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FactCheck Georgia offers its readers a service - "Check Your Facts." You can send a request to check the statements of public figures or topics of your interest. The FactCheck team will review your request and, if possible, conduct research on the indicated facts and, in the form of an article, provide you with verified information as soon as possible. FactCheck does not verify opinion or future promises. We investigate specific facts. If we check the statements provided by you, FactCheck will publish your name, surname, and photo in the article, if that is your wish. The activities of the FactCheck are based on in-depth research that requires time for collecting, requesting, and analyzing information. On average, the research could take one week to one month. In order to send statements for verification purposes, you can use the form below and fill out all the mandatory fields (name, surname, e-mail), or use our Facebook page - Please contact us if you have any further questions. We uncover the truth for you! 

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