Photographs that ostensibly depict Satanic gatherings in schools are actively circulating in social networks. The publications are made under different titles: “Satan after school… child club meetings in Pennsylvania,” “A new direction was added to Transvestite-genders – Satanism” and under the aegis of “Sunday Library – Let’s Learn.”

P.S. (Addition) It is not in Georgia and we should not let this happen!”

Of note is that many other Facebook accounts also share these publications (1;2;3).

All of the photographs have the author’s trademark on the right lower corner which indicates that the photographs belong to a digital creator’s page under the name of The Pumpkin Empress. It was revealed during verification that the aforementioned Facebook page shares these photographs itself and clarified in the caption that the photographs are not real but were developed through artificial intelligence.

The caption of these photographs says: “These are not pics actually taken. They were generated just for fun…There are no children that were harmed in these images because there were no children to begin with-it’s all computer generated.”

Reuters reached out to the aforementioned Facebook page to speak about the issue. The page administrator stated that photographs were generated by Midjourney, artificial intelligence program that generates imagery based on text descriptions.

These photographs were manipulatively disseminated in other countries. Apart from Reuters, the Albania-based fact-checking organisation also verified their authenticity.

Therefore, the claim that the aforementioned photographs depict Satanic gatherings in Pennsylvania school is FAKE. In fact, these photographs were generated by artificial intelligence.


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