A fabricated quote of the US President Joe Biden is disseminated in social networks (1,2). There is a video clip attached to the publication and according to the false claim, Joe Biden calls on people to elect Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential elections and states that he himself cannot win.

This video clip was virally distributed by English-speaking accounts in 2020 (1,2,3) and even former US President, Donald Trump, retweeted it.

In fact, the video is doctored and Biden’s quote is taken out of context. Furthermore, that footage has nothing to do with 2024 presidential elections and was recorded before the 2020 presidential elections on 7 March 2020 in Missouri, US. At that time, Joe Biden was not yet nominated by the Democratic Party as its presidential candidate. The respective video was published on Joe Biden’s official YouTube channel three years ago. In his speech, Biden was saying that if the Democrats were going to have a negative campaign, this would contribute to Donald Trump’s re-election: “With this negative campaign, we can only re-elect Donald Trump – this should be a positive campaign, so join us” – says Joe Biden in authentic footage of his speech.

Therefore, the claim that Joe Biden made a statement on re-electing Donald Trump for a second term in the 2024 elections is FAKE. The video is doctored, it distorts Biden’s statement and misleads users of social networks.


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