Giorgi Gakharia’s Fabricated Statement is Disseminated Through Facebook

Verdict: FAKE NEWS

Nino Jgharkava, a Facebook user, published a fabricated statement of former Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia. Ms Jgharkava’s 25 May 2020 Facebook publication shows that Giorgi Gakharia made the following publication on his official Facebook page: Ivanishvili builds HPP and protesters demand my arrest?” Ms Jgharkava’s publication also includes her comment: “Well, did he open his mouth and sneak out of the shadow? And what? How about his claims on being Georgian Dream 2.0 and the favourite of Bidzina? Are you trolling us?

In fact, Giorgi Gakharia has not made such statement on his official Facebook account. Moreover, after leaving his office, the former Prime Minister has not made any publication on his official Facebook page on the construction of HPPs or protests. In addition, none of the reliable media has reported such information. The photo in Nino Jgharkava’s publication is false and misleads Facebook users.

FactCheck has verified Giorgi Gakharia’s fabricated statements in the past as well. See FactCheck’s articles here: source 1 and source 2.


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