Disinformation: It is planned to integrate invisible liquid microchips into the Pfizer vaccine.

Verdict: FAKE NEWS

On 12-13 April 2021, another item of disinformation was promoted through social networks in regard to the Pfizer vaccine (link 1, link 2). According to the publications, the Pfizer pharmaceutical corporation released an official statement that am invisible liquid chip will be integrated into the COVID-19 vaccine which will reduce the virus symptoms. The pharmaceutical company signed a deal with Microsoft to integrate Microsoft’s Pluton processor chip into the vaccine. The article includes the statement of Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, saying that the integration of chips within the vaccine is a great revolution in medicine and will make the tracking of vaccine recipients easier. According to the author of the publication, Mr Nadella says that the Microsoft Pluton chip would allow regulating body temperature and limiting the virus within the body. The comment section of the Facebook publication also includes a source – an article published by the Stonk Market.

On 8 April 2021, TheStonkMarket.com website did indeed publish an article about Pfizer’s plans to upgrade the COVID-19 vaccine. According to the article, the company plans to integrate Microsoft Pluton chips into the vaccine which would allow “reducing the symptoms associated with the vaccine.” The article also says that Apple plans to sign a similar deal with Moderna but the information is not yet confirmed.

In fact, TheStonkMarket.com is a satire site which publishes satire news in regard to the financial industry, stock markets and global markets. The StonkMarket.com openly states that their news comes with a comedic twist. Therefore, the aforementioned article about a possible deal between Pfizer and Microsoft is not true and has a satiric content. Any claims on the integration of liquid chips into the vaccine lacks any ground. The publication, circulated through the Georgian-language segment of Facebook, has no indication that the information is of a humorous nature. Therefore, the publication misleads the reader whilst Satya Nadella has never made a statement as is featured in the article.

Foreign fact-checking platforms, such as Reuters.com and Snopes.com, verified the article and concluded it was satire.

Information about the components of the Pfizer vaccine and how it works can be accessed in FactCheck’s article.


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