Nona Sharabidze’s Facebook account, whose pieces of disinformation have been verified by FactCheck multiple times in the past (1,2,3,4), has disseminated a fabricated quote attributed to Greta Thunberg. According to the publication, the Swedish activist calls on Putin to stop destroying leopards. In fact, the disseminated photograph is old and the text has been fabricated.

As a result of verification, it was found out that the photograph was taken not after outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war but in 2019 and was posted by Greta Thunberg herself on 14 May 2019 on her official Twitter account with the following caption: “Let Russia Strike for Climate.”

Of note is that the Swedish climate activist made her latest statement vis-à-vis Russia’s war against Ukraine a few days ago on Twitter. She responded to the blowing up of the Kakhkovka HPP: “Our eyes are once again on Russia which must be held accountable for their crimes.”

In her interview with Reuters, Greta Thunberg also stated that the aftermath of the dam burst was "absolutely horrifying and awful.”

Therefore, the photograph on Facebook with Great Thunberg’s quote was doctored.


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