A Facebook user posted a video with the following caption: “Swiss clinic already offers to implant glowing breasts.” In fact, this video is recorded at the Luzern Clinic and is an April’s Fools joke.

The Luzern Clinic uploaded a “Lumen” implants video on 1 April 2023. In this video, one of the clinic’s plastic surgeons, Jürg Häcki, speaks about the innovative glowing breast implants project. Of note is that the clinic indicated in the description of the video that information is an April’s Fools joke: April, April! This video is April's joke!

At the same time the clinic posted information on its official page with the following caption: April, April! – Breast implants – Yes, Glowing effect – No!”

Therefore, the Facebook user’s claim that it is possible to have glowing breast implants at the Swiss clinic is false.


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