The Spiritual World Facebook account disseminated a piece of disinformation in the social network. According to its claim, a “satanic hotel” will be opened in America, in Plano, Texas. Foreign-language Facebook accounts are also actively disseminating the false claims about opening of a hotel with “satanic elements” (1,2,3).

In fact, the images used in the footage belongs to the clothing brand Ink Poisoning which publishes these illustrations on its own Instagram and Facebook pages. (1, 2) The company’s publication in social networks say that the photographs is “AI (artificial intelligence) generated art” which they have done themselves.

Furthermore, the city of Plano’s Director of Media Relations, Steve Stoler, told Reuters via email that there is no ‘satanic-themed hotel’ operating in Plano.

Of note is that one of the Facebook users posted this claim in the Facebook social network as a joke. Later, when the publication went vial, the Facebook user admitted that information about the “satanic hotel” was untrue.

Therefore, the claim that a “satanic hotel” is going to be opened in Plano, is false. The illustrations belong to the Ink Poisoning company and are generated by artificial intelligence.


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