It was reported on Facebook that the Instagram social network blocked Oleksey Orestovych’s account, former Advisor to the Office of the President of Ukraine, and it no longer functions on Ukraine’s territory.

In fact, the Instagram account referred to in the publication is not Oleksey Orestovych’s official page. That Instagram account – with the address alexsey arestovich – which is included in the Facebook publication is Mr Orestovych’s the so-called fan page (unofficial account created by fans).

The official Instagram address of President Zelensky’s former advisor is alexey.arestovich. This account is verified by Instagram and has over one million subscribers.

The official Oleksey Orestovych page functions without any hindrance and has not been blocked on Ukraine’s territory or anywhere else.

Therefore, the information disseminated on Facebook about blocking Oleksey Orestovych’s Instagram account is not true.


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