A piece of disinformation is being promoted in social networks that there is a “pig spa” in the UK and British people are paying GPB 1,200 to get admitted. The author of the publication says: “There are individuals who pay GPB 1,200 to experience pig life. Why is that? Because of their childhood psychological traumas or personal degradation? It is hard to say.” Another Facebook account also made a similar publication claiming that this is way British people entertain themselves.

In fact, the footage which went viral, including on Twitter (link 1, link 2), does not reflect reality and belongs to the comedy-satirical programme, The B@it. There is no such “pig spa” in the UK and actors were hired to take part in shooting the aforementioned sketch. The B@it has a rating on IMDB and clearly highlights in its description that it produces satirical sketches that look like real news to mislead viewers. In particular, the description reads: “The B@IT is C4's hit satirical sketch show that looks like real internet news but pranks those too quick to hit the share button.”

The full version of viral video was published on 27 November 2022 on Channel 4 Comedy with the following description: “The UK’s first ever pig spa.” Of note is that the people in the sketch were the comedy show’s actors, including Tom Lincoln who played the role of a spa guest in the satirical video.

Therefore, the video which was disseminated in social networks does not reflect reality. It was staged by The B@it, a comedy-satirical broadcast, with actors. Therefore, this information promoted by some Facebook users is false.


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