The Bolo Zhamis Kristianebi (Last Days Christians) Facebook page again disseminated a piece of disinformation, this time about Argentine football player, Lionel Messi. In particular, the Facebook page claimed that Lionel Messi has ties with the Satan and the Illuminati. Their publication includes several photographs and a video showing Messi’s tattoo and him photographed with a goat.

In fact, the tattoo on Messi’s right arm has nothing to do with the Illuminati and Satanism. In reality, as clarified by sport websites, the Argentine football player dedicated that tattoo to his wife, Antonella Roccuzzo, and tattooed her eyes on his right arm. Of note is that in 2016, Argentine journalist, Diego Borinski, published Mr Messi’s photograph on Twitter, writing that his new tattoo was dedicated to Antonella and, in fact, showed her eyes.

Of note is that the disinformation publication made by the aforementioned Facebook page also links Lionel Messi’s photo with a goat to Satanism. However, this claim is baseless and fake. In fact, those photographs are symbolic and related with the word “goat” which is an abbreviation for “greatest of all time” according to the Cambridge Dictionary. According to the same explanations, ”goat” in this context is used in reference to sports to describe a person who has performed better than anyone else.

Therefore, the publication linking Lionel Messi with Satanism is fake and aims to mislead Facebook users.


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