On 13 December 2022, a Facebook page called POSTV – Football made a publication about the Dinamo Batumi football club containing a piece of disinformation. As claimed by the aforementioned page, the Russian state company Gazprom became a sponsor of Dinamo Batumi and a memorandum of understanding between the parties was signed at the Sheraton Hotel.

This type of information is not accessible on Dinamo Batumi’s official Facebook page or on its official website.

FactCheck reached out to Dinamo Batumi in order to verify the information. The PR services of the football club said the information was absurd and added that Dinamo Batumi currently discusses the motives behind disseminating such disinformation and legal protection mechanisms.

Therefore, the information disseminated by the POSTV – Football Facebook page, claiming that the Russian state company Gazprom became a sponsor of Dinamo Batumi, is a lie.

About the Page:

Facebook page POSTV – Football was created on 8 December 2022 and is in fact a clone of real sport news page, thereby misleading Facebook users.


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