Facebook user, VIliam Bakos, published footage with the following inscription: “….bez komentára” (=no comment). The footage ostensibly features President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky with helmet (President Joe Biden’s portrait ostensibly hanging above his chair) who is using cocaine.

In fact, this footage is fake and is a piece of so-called Deepfake; that is, footage which is produced by artificial intelligence. The video has not been disseminated through official channels and cannot be accessed from any of the reliable platforms. The abnormal behaviour shown in the footage, as well as low quality of the video, raises questions about its reliability from the very beginning. However, unnatural lights and shadows on Zelensky’s face and ear, as well as the mismatch between Zelensky’s face and the real shape of his face, are also indicative that the piece of footage is fake and belongs to the Deepfake category.


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