Alt-Info and TV Season published footage with the following caption:

“It is reported that soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces laid down arms and moved to the side of the LPR.” (TV Season)

“Soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces laid down arms and moved to the side of the LPR. Donbass, Ukraine.” (Alt-Info)

The footage has no sound and it is impossible to identify whose troops are shown in the video or when it was recorded.

Russian media reported information about the surrender of troops of Ukraine’s 57th infantry brigade and moving to the side of the so-called Luhansk People’s Republic. However, it is far from the truth and is disinformation. The official page of the land forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces responded to this information, denying it as fake news.

Therefore, Alt-Info and TV Season reported unverified and unconfirmed information based on footage which does not allow a verification of the information they disseminate. In addition, according to the Ukrainian Armed Forces the same information reported by the Russian media is fake news. Therefore, the publications of Alt-Info and TV Season contain false information.


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