On 30 September 2021, the following publication was disseminated in Facebook: “’Elite roads’” – V.I.P. roads will be built in the city where only the government cars will be allowed.” The publication also includes a photograph of Kakhi Kaladze.

The photograph in the Facebook publication shows that information was published in Tabula magazine. However, in fact, this information was not posted on either Tabula’s official website or its Facebook page.

In addition, given the visual format of the articles published on Tabula’s official website, information usually includes the time of publication and the number of views (see the photograph).

However, the aforementioned Facebook publication shows no time of publication nor the number of views.

Some Facebook users re-posted this publication as true.

In fact, this photograph, which is disseminated using Tabula.ge’s visuals, is of a satirical content and not real. However, its dissemination in the pre-election period may mislead the voters.


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