Disinformation: Turkish Actor Hamit Altintop Protested Turkish Expansion in the Rioni Valley

Verdict: FAKE NEWS

According to the disinformation promoted through social networks, Turkish actor, Hamit Altintop, protested “Turkish expansion in the Rioni Valley” on air on Turkish TV. Such a claim was published in one of the Facebook groups and it garnered responses from hundreds of Facebook users.

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Tornike Nishnianidze

Hero of the day. This is Turkish actor Hamit Altintop. Yesterday, he was a guest on Turkish Sen cuksun TV and stated that Turkish expansion should not be extended in the Rioni valley and condemned the Turkish behaviour. After interview, both himself and his brother Halil had some problems from the Turkish police. I would like to thank him. Let’s share, everyone.

The claim in the aforementioned publication is a lie, since Hamit Altintop, referred to as the Turkish actor, is in fact a famous Turkish football player and open sources show no statement from him in regard to the construction of the Namakhvani HPP in the Rioni valley. Recently, Hamit Altintop was the assistant coach of the FC Munich Bayern U-16 team. In addition, Sen çüksün TV, mentioned in the publication, does not even exist.

Since Hamit Altintop did not actually talk about the Namakhvani HPP/Rioni valley on the non-existent Turkish TV channel, yet another claim in the publication is that he and his brothers “had some problems from the Turkish police” which is also untrue. Of note is that similar to Hamit, Halil Altintop is also a professional football player who ended his career a couple of years ago. The brother are twins and were born on 8 December 1982 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, although both played for the Turkish national football team.

There is no evidence in open sources about the claims in the aforementioned Facebook publication which is completely fabricated and is a piece of disinformation.


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