On air on Palitra News, Paata Burchuladze – State for the People member, Levan Khabeishvili, stated: “It is unthinkable that patrol or criminal police officers have a wage of GEL 900 whilst supernumerary employees of district boards have take-home wages of GEL 1,040.”


took interest in the accuracy of this statement.

In order to find out the average wage of supernumerary employees, we requested information from the district boards of Chughureti and Gldani. According to the information of the Gldani District Board, they have a total of seven supernumerary employees at the moment and their average monthly wage varies from GEL 1,000 to GEL 1,300.

As for the Chughureti District Board, they currently have five supernumerary employees and pay a monthly wage of GEL 1,250 to each of them.

The rules for the remuneration of those employed in the Ministry of Internal Affairs system are regulated by Directive No. 804 of the Minister of Internal Affair of Georgia. The Central Criminal Police has various subordinate units and the remuneration of the employees of each of these units is different from one another. The lowest wages in the structure are paid to Junior Inspectors – GEL 810. The average monthly wage of a Senior Inspector and a Chief Specialist of the Criminal Police varies from GEL 965 to GEL 1,040.

As for the wages of those employed in the patrol police, the remuneration of a Junior Inspector and a Specialist varies from GEL 820 to GEL 1,020 whilst the Inspector and a Chief Specialist receives a monthly wage from GEL 1,005 to GEL 1,165.


According to the information provided by the Gldani and Chughureti District Boards, the monthly wage of supernumerary employees in their offices varies from GEL 1,000 to GEL 1,300.

A Junior Inspector receives the lowest wage from those employed by the patrol police – GEL 820-1,020. As for the Criminal Police, the lowest wage here is also paid to a Junior Inspector, amounting to GEL 810 per month.

FactCheck concludes that Levan Khabeishvili’s statement is MOSTLY TRUE.