During the presentation of the Georgian Dream Majoritarian candidates for Kvemo Kartli, the Prime Minister of Georgia, Giorgi Kvirikashvili, spoke about the digital production enterprise in Rustavi.

According to the Prime Minister’s statement: "The electronic production enterprise is already operating in Rustavi. It produces digital devices such as set top boxes, modems, smartphones, tablets, netbooks and TVs. Additionally, it also produces modern high-technology equipment."


verified the accuracy of the statement.

The enterprise named by the Prime Minister of Georgia is AG Microelectronics LTD. The company was created in 2013 and produces digital devices related to microelectronics. The company’s Financial Manager, Ioseb Mazmishvili, stated that at the present moment, AG Microelectronics produces LED TVs, LED lightbulbs, set top boxes and modems.

In regard to smartphones, tablets and netbooks (which were mentioned in the Prime Minister’s statement), Mr Mazmishvili stated that the company is not producing these devices for sale at the current moment. According to him, the enterprise has hitherto created only test versions of smartphones, tablets and netbooks. He also added that the company had planned serial production of these devices but the frequent fluctuation of the currency exchange rate became an obstacle for such an endeavour. Now, the company is waiting for the GEL exchange rate to stabilise in order to start serial production.

AG Microelectronics sells its TVs and LED lightbulbs in Georgia and Azerbaijan. Apart from that, the company has orders and sends out approximately 1,000 TVs and 20-30 thousand LED lightbulbs for retail sale. According to Ioseb Mazmishvili, the company has twice received funding within the framework of the Product of Georgia programme for a warehouse and the purchase of new hardware to increase its internal capacities.


Rustavi-based AG Microelectronic LTD produces LED TVs, LED lightbulbs, set top boxes and modems. At the present moment, smartphones, tablets and netbooks are not serially produced. However, test models of these products have been created but have not yet been introduced into the market because of the fluctuation of the currency exchange rate.

Therefore, FactCheck concludes that the Prime Minister’s statement is MOSTLY TRUE.