FactCheck TV

FactCheck continues its dedicated work to provide verified information to the public and advocates for the increased accountability in the Georgian politics. Now, we introduce our new project – FactCheck TV. Through this new initiative FactCheck offers you an opportunity to not only read about our research but also watch small reportages prepared on the basis of the said research. Alongside the articles, from now on, FactCheck team will present verified and accurate information on the most significant and compelling issues of the day through several-minute-long engaging videos.
FactCheck TV team
Journalist: Shota Palavandishvili
TV Operator: Beka Gorgidze-Gabunia
Screenwriters: Natalia Vakhtangashvili / Teona Absandze
Producer: Archil Machavariani
Staying true to its core principles of impartiality and professionalism, from now on FactCheck will be establishing truth for you in the TV format!
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